Sunday, January 16, 2011

GOODWILL! The love of my life.

So...I made one of my typical trips to Goodwill today. I bought $25 dollars worth of stuff, which actually shocked me quite a bit, because I usually don't spend more than $15 there. Today I went on a quick 30 minute spree and bought quite the stash of vintage/old lady articles of clothing. And a few other things. As pictured below....

Yes, I look ridiculous. No, I'm not embarrassed. I was really, really excited.
I intend to do lots and lots of altering with these things, now that I have my lovely new machine. I've actually already altered the vintage floral shown below:

Oh, how I love Goodwill. :)

Also, I guess this means I don't have 49 dresses anymore...ha. Oh well!


  1. So... do you have guidelines as to what you can alter or do you buy one and then figure it out later?

    1. It depends. I usually buy items with a vague idea of what I can do to them (shorten, remove sleeves, alter size, etc), and then figure it out the rest when I actually tackle the project. I've also bought items simply because I like the fabric or just on a whim. :)

  2. Love it. :) Goodwill & rummage sales are one of the great loves of my life, too. I had to laugh because I shocked myself today, when I spent $24-something today. I usually spend almost exactly around $12.
    Does your Goodwill have stamp cards?

    I came upon your blog from something a friend of mine pinned, and now I can't stop reading! Great stuff.