Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Me Some LACE

So you know when you find something you like so much that you buy it in multiple colors? Guilty as charged. Thanks, lack of self control, for yet again being there for me. I got this lace top from JCPenney's on clearance for $5.97.

I broke my $5 rule. I'm ashamed. But only a little, because I love this shirt. As well as the white version which also came home with me. I'm really happy about this find because I had my eye on a similar top at Rue21 a couple of months ago, which I almost paid $24 for, before talking myself out of it. Now I have two for half the price of that one. :)

Top: JCPenney's, $5.97
Jeans: By Forever 21, from TJ Maxx, $7
Shoes: Nine West, from Ross, $16.99
Necklace: By Forever 21, from (NWT), $5
Total Cost: $35

I also ordered a couple of things off of the other day:

Pendant from Forever 21...(worn backwards in the photos above... I don't like the iris pattern so much so I might try to refashion that later.

 Cute yellow w/o tags.
And my favorite, a vintage print Forever 21 top, NWT. It's a large, so I'll have to do a quick downsizing alteration before I wear it, but that will take 2 minutes.
Photo credits to kitsparrow2 via


  1. i definitely gasped when you said the price of the lace shirt!! i was like, ONLY 6 BUCKS?? ya i would have picked out as many colours as i could!! and i looove the yellow shoes! they can bring any outfit into high style :)

  2. I know! And I really did pick out every color! Well, there were only two. I think they were a good item to break my rule on. :)