Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cramming 3 Into 1....(Day 13+14+15)

Sorry for disappearing! It's been hectic week! 

Here's my Sunday (Day 13) outfit, which only cost me a grand total of $4.50. I got the dress at a church yard sale, the belt is from a friend's closet clean out, and the shoes, well, you see those before. :)

 Dress: Yard sale for $2
Belt: free (given by friend)
Shoes: thrifted, $2.50
Total Spent: $4.50!

And here is Day 14. A friend of mine made these amazing cookie lollipops with a jolly rancher in the middle, and they were so cool I had to share it with you. :)

Top: Target, thrifted $3.50
Skirt: New York & Co, thrifted $3.50
Belt: free (part of a cut up pencil skirt that cost $0.50)
Shoes: Ross, $18
Total Spent: $25

Last but not least, here's today (Day 15). This time I actually got to wear these shoes, now that my arches aren't dying. And they're great! I walked around all day with them with no issues.

 Top: Charlotte Russe, $5
Cardigan: TJ Maxx, gift card
Skirt: Forever 21, $6.50
Shoes: Charlotte Russe: $15
Total Spent: $26.50


  1. Such cute outfits! The lace dress is stunning, and the spotted skirt is adorable! And I've already told you the chain detail on that top is fantastic!

  2. I love that polka dot skirt and I totally agree with the no more holidays. I have no self control either :)


  3. I crammed 3-into-1 as well! Hahah your outfits are adorable. I am loving the lace detailing on that first dress! $2? What a steal! Good luck with the rest of your remixing!

    Xo Chelle

  4. I can't believe you got that last top for $5, it is sooo cute. :)


  5. OMG the lace detail on the dress is so nice! And I love how you paired the belt with it, it works so well!

    V-day outfit is super super cute! I lovee the polka dot skirt! I have a blue polka dot skirt exactly like that! The shoes are pretty much what I call badass, but with a lovely outfit like that, it's like sassy. Anyway, DID YOU DRINK BEFORE TAKING THOSE PICTURES?! Cuz it seems like you have a little Asian glow going on Bri!

    And can I just say, the last one is one of my favorite outfits so far! You have great legssss so show them off more! [oh wait, it's winter 30x30, haha]. Anyway *jealousss*

  6. Thank you guys for the comments!

    @Thoa: Nope, I did not drink! I'm actually underage, so I'm not sure that would be a good thing for me to be doing. Haha. :) But thank you! I'm glad I look like I have some energy left in me because I definitely feel kind of drained otherwise! And I'm pretty sure you have better legs than me! Also, I feel like I'm veering away from the whole 'winter' remix thing...considering how half my outfits could be worn in the summer at this point. :)

  7. The shoes in that last photo are killer and the dress is so pretty!

  8. I love that dress you got at a yard sale!! I can't believe it was so cheap!! That is such a great outfit and it cost practically nothing!! Okay, you have now turned me into a dedicated follower of your blog. :) -Alicia

  9. That black dress is stunning. Seriously where do you live that you find such amazing thrift items? I thought my finds where good but not as good as yours and cheap too!