Saturday, February 5, 2011

Primary Colors (Day 5)

So much for more sleep, I had to wake up at 7am to go to a meeting this morning. Sad.
That being said, I just threw on whatever would be comfortable today. It doesn't look to shabby though!

Top: JCPenney, $8
Cardigan: Forever 21, $12
Jeans: Ross, $10
Shoes:, $10
Beret: Forever 21, $6
Total Spent: $46


  1. This hat is darling on you! And I'm, loveing the yellow lellow flatsies!

  2. Lovely outfit!
    also, I envy you for being able to wear flats...mine are stacked away since there's a foot of snow outside :((

  3. Will definitely copy your color combination (but mine would be inverted). And your darling yellow flats is not helping with my yellow lust!I swear, come March I'll be buying every single yellow item I see.

  4. I loveeee this outfit! It's so casual and chic. THe beret definitely finishes off the look. And those are really nice jeans for $10!

  5. @TER: Oh I can perfectly understand the urge to buy yellow things. Come March, I will be buying oxford flats. And tights in every pattern I can conceive.

  6. This outfit is super cute! LOVING it! The two blues and red are a perfect match and the yellow shoes totally make the look. This would be a great combo to wear in windy Wellington, New Zealand.

  7. I randomly saw you comment on my cousin Adri's blog, so I checked yours out. i love this outfit!