Monday, March 7, 2011

Double Duty

I wore my favorite of the three dresses I got yesterday, so you get to have a closer look at it today:

 I had to wear pants for something about halfway through the day, so my solution was just to throw on a pair of jeans and tuck the dress under into a shirt! Throw on a cardigan, and voila! Dress becomes super cute top. :) 

Dress: Anthropologie, via Rugged Wearhouse, $20
Boots: DEB, $10
Cardigan: Forever 21, $12
 Jeans: Free (from a friend's closet clean out)


  1. Cute dress! :)


  2. I love, love, love that dress so much!!! It looks great on you!
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  3. Hey!
    First, I love this dress on you, and REALLY LOVE the "kindergarten teacher" look! haha. That would have to be a well-paid (or thrifting-capable like you) kindergarten teacher. I really love the look . . . perhaps because I subbed in for a kindergarten teacher today, and I can identify with it! Hah.

    So for the things in your shop, I am interested in the Plaid Shirt (the light blue and white one, with thin material), the Ruffled Blue Knit Dress, the Light Printed Scarf, and the Blue Gingham Button-up. I probably don't need both of those shirts, but I can't quite decide which I want more. Where are they from, do you remember? That might help make my decision. Also, do you think that for a semi-large-ish order like this we could do lower shipping costs? I think that, as it's listed, it would charge $11 for those four - is that right? Anyway, I just wondered.
    Thanks for the measurements, also! They were very very helpful.