Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback to Saturday

Last Saturday I posted about the three Anthropologie dresses I got that day. Here's the rest of what I got....
a. green scarf, $4.99 (original retail $28); b. striped scarf, $4.99 (original retail $34); c. sailor dress from Goodwill, $4; d. NWT chambray dress from Goodwill, $4 (original retail $74); e. green polka dot dress from Goodwill, $4; f. same dress, except looking much better! 
The two dresses pictured in D, E, and F are for sewing/alteration projects.

I also got three headbands from Rugged, two for $1.99 and one for $0.99. I didn't take pictures yet, but this is identical to one of them.

This one is available at this shop on etsy.


  1. That sailor dress is ADORABLE! And only $4? Lucky! I'm jealous, haha.

  2. Random - I just realized there's one measurement that I didn't ask for. How tall are you? I measured me and we are quite quite close to the same size, but I am pretty short. Maybe you are taller? (Now I'm basically just curious.)