Wednesday, March 16, 2011

J. Crew Wish List

Dear J.Crew,
Please send me lots and lots of free clothes. I would love you forever and ever. Not that I don't already. 

The girl who drools over your items.

J Crew
J Crew long sleeve tunic top, 50 GBP
J Crew knit top, $70
J Crew vintage skirt, $50
J Crew Double Serge wool skirt, $88
J Crew pleated skirt, $60
J Crew shoes, $250

Online shopping is a dangerous thing. Anyone who has wasted countless hours browsing pages upon pages of sales and new arrivals can share my sentiment. I look through J.Crew's website all the time, even though I'll probably never let myself buy anything. Even so, it's a great place to look for inspiration!
I'm currently on a mission to find pencil skirts in absurdly bright colors at Goodwill, rather than buying the Double Serge (seen above) that some of my lovely fellow bloggers such as Kendi and Kileen incorporate into their outfits oh so well. The reason being that two months ago, I wrote this post, and someone commented that the skirt I was wearing looked like the Double Serge skirt, which tells me that I can probably find more similar skirts at a small fraction of the J.Crew price tag. 


  1. Bah, that outfit is sooo cute! I didn't see it the first time. But I totally love it now! I wonder if I can recreate it . . .

  2. Looove the pleated skirt with the tie.. so pretty. Your skirt is so cute! I don't know what a double serge skirt is either.. but either way it's super cute!

  3. I love Jcrew :) The only thing I've boughten from there is the pale pink skirt you have pictured...except I got it in the brownish color and 40% off! I love the other items you have here. And your skirt does look like the double serge skirt!

  4. @Pineapple: Thanks! I love pencil skirts in outfits. They just pull them together so nicely. :)

    @Jennifer: That top is so cute! That's exciting! I really want to go to a J.Crew store sometime, but there aren't any nearby where I live.

    @Rachel: I agree! I love that skirt, and, well, most skirts in general. :) It gets to be a problem when you know you have too many already but there's just so many more pretty ones out there!

  5. glad everything's well :) love the outfit, very classy :)