Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Life Never Sleeps

Top: AE, thrifted, $3.50
Cardigan: Forever 21, $12
Jeans: Charlotte Russe, $5
Shoes: Walmart, $12 (?)
Hat: Forever 21, thrifted, $2.50

Sorry for disappearing on you guys again. Here's an outfit post, a variation of one I wore not too long ago. Hope you all had an absolutely fabulous Friday! :)


  1. You look so bright and vibrant and ready for a beachy vacation. Or like you're about to go out sailing. Either way, you look headed for sun, and it makes me jealous. (Even if you really aren't.)

    Cute combo!

  2. Oh I know. This outfit makes me jealous too. Of the people who could be wearing it and actually be AT the beach or something. :)

  3. Tres chic! My hat's off to you for being brave enough to rock that hat.