Friday, March 4, 2011

My Stomach Is A Bottomless Pit

I may or may not have just inhaled a bag of chips in one sitting without even realizing it. I don't know about you guys, but I have even less self control with food than with shopping. That's probably not a good thing....but that's okay. I love food. :) Anyway, entirely irrelevant. Here's my outfit for today:

Dress: thrifted, $4
Cardigan: TJ Maxx, $12 (gift card)
Shoes: Rugged Wearhouse, $7

Yesterday I went on a 40 minute shopping spree and found a ton of stuff for $25. Yesterday was the first day that I could shop again. Leave it to me to head straight for the store...
a. ruffled beige top by Myth ($1); b. chunky knit cropped jacket w/zipper by Forever 21 ($1); c. mustard yellow v-neck sweater by Poof ($5); d. button down shirt by Prototype ($1); e. striped cardigan by Poof ($1); f. light wash skinny jeans by Paris Blues ($1); g. yellow 5.5 inch slingback booties by Steve Madden ($7); h. heeled oxford booties by Wanted ($7)

1 comment:

  1. Hey,
    I was looking at your shop that you linked the other day, and I like a bunch of your stuff! The reason I haven't placed an order at this point is that I am concerned about sizing. Now, from all your pictures, I have figured that your cast-offs would be tiny on me, as you look like a teensy little twig. But a lot of the sizes listed are medium or even large! Now, I know sizing is different for every store . . . and even then, it can be shifty. So instead of asking for measurements for all four items I'm interested in, I wondered if you could give me your measurements - bust, waist, hip, and maybe bra size are all I would need. Would you mind?