Monday, April 4, 2011

Springtime Classy

a. Pink/coral striped button down with lace trimming, $3.50; b. Eddie Bauer striped blue button down, $3.50; c. Eddie Bauer dusty blue shorts, $3; d. Forever 21 sheer polka dot top, $3.50; e. baby blue belt, $1; f. J. Crew shorts, $3.
This is my latest Goodwill haul! I didn't realized until I was checking out that all of the items color coordinated, and the whole lot just looks so springy and preppy, it's wonderful. :)

Item A is rather large and shapeless, I liked the color and the lace detailing so I bought it to experiment with some alterations.

I also got these two jackets.

Old Navy canvas jacket, $4 via Goodwill

Etienne Aigner trenchcoat with leather trimming, $7.50 via Goodwill

And last but most definitely not least, I got this gorgeous wrap dress! I love a good classy dress.

Merona Wrap Dress, $4 via Goodwill


  1. I LOVE the Merona wrap dress and the polka dot blouse (or is it a dress? either way, it's cute!). You always find the cutest things at Goodwill!

  2. The red dress is my favourite!!

    Monique xx

  3. You got your blue button-up! Hurray! I'm very impressed with your haul, great finds all. (Especially that dress! It looks incredible on you.)

  4. What great finds!! I just love your trench!


  5. Holy moly you scored some amazing stuff! Yay for you! Jealous of the pink shorts and button down, how cute would they be together?!? Must look for something similar next time I'm thrifting!!! Just found your blog from the "rules are lame" link up! Love love love it! Newest follower, hello! xoxo

  6. You look lovely in the red dress.. its so simple and elegant...

    and my fav picks are the polka dot top and pink shorts.. both so cute!

  7. The red dress looks adorable on you!


  8. Uhm wow, you've just inspired me to plan a trip to goodwill with my next pay check! P.S. just found your blog & I love your sense of style :)

  9. The Trench and Red Dress are fabulous! But I really am in love with that trenchcoat