Monday, June 27, 2011

Mixing Things Up

Top: Old Navy, thrifted, $3.50
Skirt: thrifted, $3.50
Skirt (the floral underneath): thrifted, $3.50
Shoes: by Wanted, from Rugged, $7
Belt/Bow: a piece of lace, $1
Headband: Charlotte Russe, $3
Bag: thrifted, $2

The skirt was thrifted just before I went on hiatus.The skirt underneath it (the floral detailing seen around the waist) and the top were both thrifted recently.


  1. Just saw this on Cute and Little's Color Brigade. That skirt is adorable - and skirt on skirt? I never thought to try that!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  2. SO cute!! i love how pretty much everything youre wearing is thrifted! and under $4!! awesome!

  3. ahhh! i love how you got most of this outfit thrifted. don't you just love finding treasures in thrift stores?! cus i do! :D

    anyway, i really love your outfit :} it's very cute on you.

    -robots in trouble

  4. I love this outfit! I love every piece of it and can't pick a favorite. Okay, maybe I like the shoes most. :-)

  5. I always see the layered skirt at the bottom. This is definitely a new one for me - looks fantastic!

  6. Thank you guys!

    @Robots in Trouble and madison avenue: Yes, thrifted things are the best! I'm actually thinking about only buying clothes that are thrifted for a month...but we'll see!

  7. a-stinkin-dorable! I love this it is so genius!


  8. Why thank you! I'm glad you think so! :)


  9. Cute! I also wear double skirt for layering purpose and add some length to a short skirt, but never thought to show off the top portion of the underlayer only. ^__^

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  10. Thank you! I've heard of people using to skirts to lengthen, I want to try that out sometime! My attempts haven't worked out too wonderfully--maybe I've been trying the wrong skirt combinations. :)

  11. Ohhhh...I love how you layered the skirts. It's so fun looking! I HAVE to try this trick!