Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bag Sale No. 2

Hey friends! I apologize for my lack of presence around here lately, but that time of the year is almost upon us. Summer's almost over, and I have absolutely no idea how my life/my schedule is going to be like from here on out. So the days of my consistent posting habits may soon be over as well.

Anyway, I went to my second bag sale this weekend! This time I got 11 pieces of clothing for $3.65. I don't know why they keep charging me less than $4 when it's a $4 Bag Sale...but no complaints here!

a. Three tank tops, one by Faded Glory, one by American Eagle, and one from Old Navy.
b. Super super super long shirt from American Eagle. Which is awesome because I can cut the excess fabric and made embellishments for the shirt with it!
c. Striped top from American Eagle.
d. Light white top, kind of a dolman style. Super cute when you put it on!
e. Solid scoop neck tee from Old Navy.
f. Butterfly sleeve styled top. Sleeves are a little ridiculous, but I loved the fabric and I needed more stuff to fill the bag, so I figured I'd alter it a bit!
g. Blue printed dress by George; it's a size 12 so it's too big as it is, I'll do some light alteration on it.

These two were in the bag as well:
These will be my project dresses. There's lots of excess material on both, which is perfect for my intentions.

I also purchased two other items which weren't included in the bag sale. They were $5 each, which, after buying a whole pile of clothes for less than that, felt pretty bad. But I think they were both worth it.
Loose 3/4 top by Fluxus and Cropped Trench Rain Jacket by Maurice's


  1. Nice finds, Bri. I can't wait to see what you come up with after alterations. I really like F and G, so I hope you can alter them to fit you well!

    Audrey @ Putting Me Together

  2. You got so many things for so cheap, what a great sale!!

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  5. Ok so I just stubbled upon your blog and Oh. My. Gosh. I love it! (I also love all your thrifted finds from this post). You are totally inspiring me to get my sewing machine back out. :)

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