Monday, January 9, 2012

Skirts! (Part 1)

A few months ago I got a few really cute skirts, and I wanted to post them when time permitted. I got this one from Anthropologie on clearance for $19.95. It's the Pitter Patter Skirt by Maeve.

 Shirt: American Eagle, (~$6.50)
Skirt: Anthropologie ($19.95)
Shoes: Toms ($44)


  1. Hello Lovely,

    Just want to wish you an ever sparkling New Year. Love your blog btw =)

    -Mia xoxo

  2. It's never a bad time to post skirt pictures! I love the neutral tones in this outfit. Everything works perfectly together. And don't you just love it when you score Anthro items like that?