Saturday, June 16, 2012

Anthropologie Haul

I've hit the jackpot. :)
  • Leifsdoittir Clipped Cities Skirt, $188 ($12.99)
  • Washi Wrap Skirt by Fei, $88  ($12.99)
  • Deletta Striped Pinched Pleat Tunic Dress, retail price unknown ($9.99)
  • Rotational Symmetry Skirt, $148 ($12.99)
  • Girls from Savoy Frannie Camisole, $68 ($12.99)
  • Pinwheel Tank by Odille, $68 ($12.99)
  • Karisimbi Shorts, Made in Rwanda, $78 ($5)
  • Vervain-mallow top by C. Keers, $58 ($9.99)
  • Vichyssoise Skirt by Sine, $88 ($12.99)
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I don't know if you guys recall this haul post from last year, but I had the luck of wandering across some Anthropologie racks at Rugged Wearhouse. It happened again. This time I got 9 items for about $100, and the original retail value of it all adds up to about $900. I'm so excited, everything is so cute. I will be keeping about half of this haul and the rest will eventually wind up on Ebay, because they're not all my size. So if you're interested, keep an eye out for them!