Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bag Sale #3

There was a bag sale at the local thrift store today, $5 for a bag of qualifying items. Their clothing selection is pretty scarce, but I managed to find a few good things and some pieces that will make for great refashion projects!

a. Green Vintage Dress;  b. Navy Vintage Lace Dress;  c. Vintage Floral Dress;  d. Houndstooth Dress from Target;  e. Turquoise Summer Dress;  f. Jeans (four pairs);  g. Tie Waist Cardigan by Loft;  h. Leather Belt;  i. Vintage Shirt;  j. Denim Jacket by Tulle;  k. Red Eyelet Skirt;  l. Black Lace Slip
All in all, this cost approximately $0.30 per item! To say that this was a good deal would be the understatement of the century.

There's quite the array of sizes in this haul, and a few of the pairs of jeans are for my mom, because I had room in the bag and I figured I may as well fill it up with something.  All of the dresses as well as a few of the other things will be altered.


  1. Those green and turquoise dresses are the best! I'm curious about how you're going to alter them once again :)

  2. Have you done anything with that houndstooth dress yet??? I have that exact dress that I (unfortunately and unflatteringly) wore to 2 weddings. I love the print and can't bare to part with it yet!