Friday, October 5, 2012

Long Week

Oh my goodness. 
I'm so sorry for not being here all week! It's exam time, so I've had more things to do than the hours of the day allow. This weekend will hopefully be a break, and my goal is to get some sewing done in between writing a gazillion papers. Wish me luck. 

Meanwhile, I've got an outfit post for today: 

Sweater: Love21, thrifted ($3.50)
Top: Old Navy ($2)
Shorts: J. Crew, thrifted ($3)
 Shoes: Rack Room ($12)

I'm excited because I've been meaning to wear all three of these ridiculous steals and I managed to get it all done in one outfit. :)

Also this may sound really weird, but this outfit kind of reminded me of that classic Audrey Hepburn poster...

Image via
Maybe it's the updo and the colors? 
Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful Friday!