Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Goodwill Haul

Printed Batwing Top

Colorblocked Dress

Old Navy Knit Dress

Two-Toned Button Down Shirt

Old Navy Print Dress

Ann Taylor Loft Capris
This is what I got two weekends ago when I had a chance to go thrift shopping. Pretty self explanatory post. This is all from Goodwill, and everything was $3.50. 

I'm especially excited about the dress. It's a little big for me but since the top is supposed to be sort of loose fitting I can work with it. :)


  1. Is it too forward to ask what city you shop in? My Goodwill stores are much pricier than that. So jealous!

  2. These are all such good finds! I wish Goodwill near me was this cheap. Most single items cost more than what you paid for everything.

    <3 Melissa

  3. In the DFW metroplex the prices are also much higher.

  4. I'm jealous! At my Goodwill, each piece is at least $4. I also like the print on the first top :)

  5. Karen is right. My Goodwill is nowhere near that cheap.

  6. Hi. Now that you have all these "good finds" - what are you going to do with them? Please email answer to: . Thanks!