Thursday, April 4, 2013

Raybans and My Love of Stripes

So...I recently signed up for this flash sale site Ideeli. I don't generally find things on these sorts of sites (I also get emails from the Amazon one and Gilt), because something will catch my eye and then I reality hits me and I realize that in context they look like a great deal, but compared to my typical purchasing habits, the prices are still ridiculous.

However, they're having a flash sale on Raybans right now. And I'm legitimately considering a pair.

This was a pretty fantastic deal, so I thought I'd share it. I'm also going to spend the next 24 hours or so mulling this over and attempting to decide if I think sunglasses are actually worth $90 or not. Help?

I also got a new top over the weekend at Loft, for $15 on clearance, with the additional 40% off from the sale.

LOFT sweater

It has a peplum hem and is a lightweight sweater weave. I think I have an obsession with black and white striped tops...considering the fact that I can bring to mind three other tops in my closet that fit that description. But it's a classic trend, so I'd consider this a solid buy.

Conclusion? Black and white stripes = fantastic wardrobe staple. Stock your closets. :)


  1. Oh! I almost got the pink striped one just like this! I hear ya about the black and white stripes. I am obsessed too. Really with stripes in general, but especial black and white. It's so cute!

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  3. You wear this sweater looks good, I love it.