Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweaters in May

...cost a lot less than sweaters in September. I had to run some errands the other day and just happened to run through the mall, a place I generally tend to avoid. There happened to be a season clearance sale going on at JCPenney so I scored quite a few good finds.

Oversized Chunky Knit Sweater, $5

Striped Dolman Sweater, $5

Size 16 Dress (that I plan to alter), $4

White Pleated Mid-Calf Skirt, $5

Polka Dot Skinny Jeans, $7

Red Skinny Jeans, $7


  1. Holy cow what great finds! You got a steal of a deal(s)!

  2. I'm sure you will make some really cute outfits out of them!

  3. Great finds!

  4. I always plan on going threw the mall for after season items but never can find much. What great luck and great finds!