Friday, June 21, 2013

By The Pound?

Two weeks ago I heard about a Goodwill Outlet that was not too far away so I took a drive out there with a friend to check it out. Outlet Goodwills have giant rolling bins that are literally just filled with piles of clothes that you rummage through, and everything is sold by the pound. I believe it's where items go when the Goodwill stores have too much and need to clear out some of their inventory. Which, luckily for me, means really good deals. 

Clothing was sold for a little less than $2 a pound, with the price dropping even further past a certain weight (I believe 10 pounds?). I got these 9 items for about $9 total!

Ann Taylor Loft sweater (back shown) and Gap Luxe sweater.
 Vintage romper, denim button down (for refashioning).
 Plaid men's buttondown (for refashioning), oversized knit sweater.
 Two more large men's shirts, for more refashions!

Pinstriped skirt, to be downsized, and a photo of what I was working with.

I basically went fabric shopping in a thrift store, considering all the large men's shirts with quality fabric or prints with potential I bought...which is great, because that's less material going to waste in the landfill, and less money out of my pocket for creative projects! 

I also went to a regular Goodwill recently, and got these things:

The two dresses were $4 and the tops were $3.75. And having purchased the other things for about $1 a piece, this seemed pricey. What is my life.


  1. I wish there was a goodwill by where I live :( We have a Deseret Industries thrift store, but it is more expensive :( Great finds though! I am green with envy

    1. Actually, normal Goodwill stores are more expensive than D.I., by anywhere from $2-20. That said, Goodwill has sale days and I don't think D.I. does. So there is more potential to find a great deal here or there, but the prices over all are not as great. The bigger factor is the neighborhood donating, and how picked over is the selection at that location. There are some killer D.I.s and some killer Goodwills. And some duds, unfortunately. :(

  2. I've heard about these Goodwill warehouse stores! I spend a lot of time in normal Goodwill stores, so I definitely want to check out the by-the-pound places. I've heard it's recommended to wear gloves :o It would totally be worth it though! Great finds!!

    Amanda @ Running In Heels

  3. Now I know how i will refashion my dresses. Thanks for this post.