Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cropped & High Waisted

Top: thrifted ($3.50) :: Skirt: thrifted ($3.50, DIY here) :: Shoes: online consignment ($10)
 I never know what to do with cropped tops. As it turns out, high waisted skirts solve the problem and eliminates any awkward layering struggles.

Something crazy is going on there with the hair....
I decided to take on the monstrous task of organizing my closet today. The good news is, my closet is no longer a nightmare. But now the room's a disaster zone. Looks like I know what I'll be doing for the next few days...

Some other revelations from this daunting task:

1. I have an outrageous amount of sewing to do. 
2. More of my clothes are thrifted than I had previously thought. 
3. There is an embarrassing quantity of items I purchased and never wore. 
4. Shopping your own closet is fun. 

Regarding #4, I found lots of fun pieces that I'd stored away and completely forgotten about (clearly I must have a terrible memory, as evidenced by all four of these observations). In my defense, my wardrobe has been traveling in and out of boxes and closets and wardrobes for the past two years. But now that I've pulled them out, I'd to put them to better use! To have a little fun with this, I pulled out quite a few skirts that I need to put to use. So I'll be doing a seven day skirt challenge of sorts to get those out of the closet.

Today's day one! I made this skirt out of a pair of shorts last summer. The shirt's another one "new" discovery, bought from Goodwill sometime last year.

Here's a sneak peak at the other ones I've got lined up: 


  1. This is SO fun! Did you say you made that skirt you are wearing out of shorts? I surely can't tell looking at it from here. Very nice!

  2. Do you have any good online consignment shops that you know of/frequent?

    Love seeing all of your outfits!


  3. You are really a good hand-maker, The several dress is beautiful and i like the style