Friday, June 7, 2013

Potential Mishap

First of all, I made a Twitter for the blog. So for all you Tweeters, here's the link to follow. I definitely do not need to have another form of social media to deal with, so we'll see how this goes?

Secondly, I don't know why I picked this skirt for this personal challenge. Or why I thrifted it in the first place. Well, I think I got it to take the lace off and use it...clearly that didn't happen. Today's outfit could either be interpreted as not bad at all, or an very strange cross between a pioneer costume and a gypsy get up. Clearly exactly what every fashionable 21st century woman hopes to achieve, right? Right...

At least the color combo works! 

Top: Urban Outfitters, via Rugged Wearhouse ($12) :: Skirt: thrifted ($3.50) :: Shoes: Rack Room ($2.70) :: Belt: thrifted ($1) :: Bag: thrifted ($2)

 Good thing I'm not really going anywhere today, lest this outfit is absurd and I'm crazy. It's kinda growing on me though...

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