Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jar Full of Sunshine

I love giving gifts. I love making beautiful things and being able to share them with others, whether it be for an occasion or simply for the sake of putting a smile on their face on any given day. The other day I did this easy project and I thought it deserved to be shared so that others can spread the love too!

It's a jar full of starbursts, made with a pasta jar that has been modpodged and painted, along with a note that says "You're a star! Hope your day is bursting with sunshine!"

I know. It's cheesy. Just embrace it. 

I only used things I had lying around, so this project was practically free. The reasonable cost for this would be perhaps a few dollars, tops. Just peel off the label on the jar and make a new one for it yourself. I used a brown paper bag as the backing for the white label that I drew out in Sharpie, and just collaged it on there. The lid was done with some craft paint, and I cut up a scrap of fabric to put under the lid.

This is a fantastic way to give someone candy, because they can keep the jar and use it even after the candy is all gone! I wrote things like "Smile!" and "Don't Worry Be Happy" because they're generic and don't determine a function for the jar, but you could also design it specifically as a labeled "Candy" jar or something as well.


  1. I am totally going to use this cute! Love it! Great little space you have here. Cheers!