Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Sometimes I forget that I buy clothes for $4 or less at Goodwill. One of those times occurred this week when I ordered a few things from Ann Taylor Loft and then went the physical store and found even more things on sale, for even better prices. Problems.  

Black Romper, $9.77
Flowy Leaf Print Shorts, $9.77

Lace Top, $18
Parrot Print Box Top, $18

Striped Full Skirt, $17.95
Pleated Zig Zag Skirt, $16

Printed Woven Pants, $29.99

Cutout Sandals, $19.99
Some of these things didn't photography wonderfully, particularly those $30 printed pants that I am outrageously excited about. They're a tad bit big on me, and $30 is a stretch for my typical clothing budget, but I've been wanting a pair of artsy looking, comfortable and ridiculous (in a good way) pants for quite some time now, so I figured it'd be a worthwhile purchase. I might have to do some altering if I don't want them falling off though...I forgot that their sizes run a little bigger on me when I ordered those online. Oops.

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