Monday, September 30, 2013

Shirt to Pillow

I'm a little bit behind on posting about my home decorating adventures, sorry about that!

I recently did this super easy, quick, and affordable throw pillow makeover.

We bought a couch not too long ago from a family, and it came with pillows that unfortunately looked a little bit too Christmas themed for everyday, year round use. Their entire house was Christmas themed, so it made a little more sense in that setting. But not so much in ours.

As it turns out, I had purchased two shirts from Goodwill last year for the sole purpose of using the fabric, because they were outdated and awkward looking shirts but had great patterns. 

Word to the wise--you can totally look at thrifting as a way of fabric shopping on a budget. I couldn't tell you how many very large, shapeless 90s dresses I've seen that have plenty of potential if taken apart entirely.

Anyway. Here are the two shirts, which have been sitting around for ages, so I decided to finally put one to use.
 I basically turned the shirt inside out and sewed a square the size of the pillow, and then trimmed everything else off.

Since the shirt has buttons, I didn't even have to leave a side open to put the pillow in. And they added a nice little decorative touch. :)

The shirt cost me $3.50, and you could even just dig up something that's been sitting in your closet for ages to do this project. It took about 5 minutes total.


  1. I love this! I did the same thing (with the buttons showing) with my husband's old Navy uniform shirt. I made two as a gift for some friends who were moving into a new house, and they are also in the Navy. They loved it. I love this idea... and I want to make another for our house. I like the colors you used!

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