Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow, Food, and Love

Happy Valentine's Day! Today has a reputation for being despised by many singles and couples alike. But rather than viewing it as a holiday of haves/have nots, I think we'd all be happier if we just saw it as a reminder to love everyone. So today, take the time to be thankful for the world around you. For the blessings that God surrounds you with, in the form of friends, family, neighbors, and those kind strangers that make your day. Give hugs. They're great. And don't just tell people you love them today--spend the other 354 days of the year demonstrating a loving heart through your thoughts and actions, because it'll make the world a better a place and make you a happier soul too.

Oh, and this.

Also, for those of you on the East Coast, can we address the crazy winter weather that just came through? I spent literally all day outside, with the exception of a few short breaks to dump everything in the dryer and refuel. A friend and I built this marvelous snow creation to start off the day:

I also saw a recipe online for snow ice cream, so if you want to take advantage of the fresh snow while there's still plenty of it, this might be the way to go. Just mix together a 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk, 8 cups of snow, and a teaspoon of vanilla. And then add on whatever toppings your heart desires. 

Photo by Marg (CaymanDesigns)

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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