Monday, July 14, 2014

An Apple a Day?

I made these cupcakes last semester for a friend's birthday, and thought I'd share! They were super easy to make, so this one's for your teacher friends or children's birthdays or simply apple-obsessed individuals. 

This is so easy that I feel a little ridiculous writing out what to do, but here we go...
1. Bake cupcakes. (I actually used boxed cake mix for this one, shhhh....)
2. Add red food coloring to vanilla or cream cheese frosting. 
3. Use pretzel sticks as apple stems.
4. Flatten green gumdrops with a spoon, and cut into leaf shapes with a knife.

You could even be an overachiever and get some gummy worms to stick in some of them! 

Also, since it's not quite apple season yet, I'd like to take a moment to address the wonderfulness of peach season. I went peach picking twice this week. I may or may not have about 20 peaches in my kitchen right now. In my defense, I'm making cobbler for a large crowd of college students tomorrow, so I'm sure they won't last. But these pictures will!