Friday, July 18, 2014

Speaking of Apples...

Last week I received a dress in the mail from Shabby Apple, an online women's clothing store that specializes in vintage and classic styles. Having heard of this company before and recalling my positive impression of it, I gladly agreed to do a product review when asked to do so.

Before talking about the dress itself, I want to highlight the fantastic vision of this company. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the importance of conscious style. There are many aspects of the fashion industry that are far from perfect and embody a lot of injustice and other problems. In addition, the way that we clothe ourselves daily is a huge part of how we choose to reflect ourselves to the world, and that image can often be influenced by trends and styles, for better or worse. Shabby Apple is a great example of a store that is making a visible effort to work against some of these issues, and I have a lot of respect for that.

The company is dedicated to making women's apparel that is both stylish and modest. I love that their clothing is adorable, but might be a few inches longer at the hem or re-envision a strapless style into a sleeveless one. So often I hesitate to order clothes online from mass clothing companies because I know that there's a huge likelihood that it will be too short or low quality. While this is in part caused by changes in social norms, a big part of it is also the clothing industry monopolizing on the chance to use less materials to make something that still sells.

Shabby Apple also donates a portion of their sales profits to charity. Built up as an organization that empowers women, they carry this through to their work culture at the company and also by investing in impoverished communities through international goodwill funds. They're currently partnered up with the Maya Relief Foundation, which empowers people to “work their way out of poverty, improve their health, and to insure a better future for their children and their communities.”

I think that's awesome. Within the greater context of clothing ourselves with a conscience, I have some other thoughts that I'll share in a later post about how we as individuals can care for the world and for ourselves as consumers. But this company is one of more impressive that I've come across in terms of their mission and impact analysis.

Now the dress itself...

I love this style. This dress is a faux-wrap style and has a full skirt, which is one of my favorite things. This might sound silly, but I love things that I can spin around in. Not that I run around doing that on a regular basis...

The material is fantastic in terms of quality. It's a lot thicker and heavier than I expected, but it's really comfortable and is still a stretchy material that fits to your form.

Like I mentioned earlier about their clothing, it's modest but not overbearingly so. I would venture to say that this dress was actually a tad longer than I would typically wear, but it works just fine with a pair of heels! In the photos above, I actually have the hem tucked a few inches shorter, because it works better that way for casual wear with flat-heeled shoes. I also added the bow belt, but I wore it without and at its original length on Sunday with nude heels and loved it just as much.

Two things I would change:

1. Color: I love this color. But I also wish they had it other variations...which might be available in the future. The design reminds me of Kate Middleton's famous navy wrap dress, and I think this dress would be a gorgeous take on that if produced in navy.

2. Pockets: This dress would actually be perfect if they put pockets in it. I'm a huge fan of pockets in dresses. I'm actually kind of tempted to put some in myself...

Otherwise, this dress is great. Now that I've basically looked at their entire inventory, I want to buy half of their items. Yikes. They have a summer sale going on right now, so if you use the code "Summer14" at checkout to get 25% off, you could score a pretty fantastic deal!


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